Animal Costume Wolf Werewolf suit

It was created for a private party of our client who needed a real werewolf for the night of a full lunar eclipse. Perfect mascot costume for Halloween. He looks scared, but his soul is gentle and dreamy, and he also likes to dance. Both girls and boys are delighted with him.

Do you think how to scare or greet guests on Halloween? Order a life-size mascot costume of Werewolf – a terribly fun wolf life-size puppet. It works in nightclubs, starred in movies, music videos. Actively participates in quests as a part of it and helps to organize a quest for adults and children, especially if the location of the celebration is in the wood – the wolf hides behind the bushes and can jump out unexpectedly to greet participants or make a riddle.

The Wolf or Werewolf costume is an awfully cheerful Halloween costume.

Ordering our Wolf Werewolf costume,
you will get

  • an original Halloween greetings,
  • a scary character for meeting guests on Halloween,
  • a dancing puppet,
  • a surprise for guests on a picnic and a birthday,
  • PJ-dancer in a nightclub  an Animal party or Halloween

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