Pneumosuit Polar Bear with bow-tie

Air inflatable giant Polar Bear with bow-tie – the official groom of our Polar Bear –Bride.(photo on the website).

Usually, pneumosuits POLAR BEARS are invited to the wedding in pairs, sometimes our clients ask for the pair of bears – the groom and the bride. This couple is made for a wedding and a wedding anniversary celebration.

A pneumatic POLAR BEAR with a bow-tie greets guests in any weather, congratulates birthday boy/girls, presents gifts and flowers.

You can put on a white bear suit red hat and a red scarf. So that inflatable BAER will become an assistant to Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden On Christmas and New Years parties. White polar bear is the main guest of a white snowy New Year party in an office or restaurant. A polar bear character can be invited home, or into the courtyard, to a restaurant and office.


  • Is original present(show,surprise) for the wedding and birthday or other event,
  • delivers gifts, balloons and flowers,
  • meets your guests, dances with guests,
  • promotes your service, product, store

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