Pneumosuit Brown Bear

The inflatable three-meter BROWN BEAR suit is alive hero of the fairy tale “Masha and the Bear”. You can order an inflatable character BROWN BEAR with the animator in Masha’s costume for your party Masha and the Bear. The brown bear will play hide-and-seek with the birthday boy and his guests, and, of course, dance. A huge giant pneumorobot BROWN BEAR with animator Masha will arrange the best birthday for your child.

The brown bear inflatable suit was created as a symbol of Berlin, lived and worked there for a year, also knows L. Kuchma, Paton, stars and politicians, starred in Big Politics with E. Kisilev, in the 95th Quarter; in “Shoumanii”, “Ukraine Has a Talent”, Euronews and so on. (photo on the site).

Each year, the brown bear participates in folk festivals on Shrovetide or Pancake week.
An inflatable giant bear is the best solution for circus and shows instead of using alive animals. It is mobile, huge and not dangerous.

A pneumosuit BROWN BEAR and Gypsy band is the best gift for a birthday boy. You can order both gypsies for a holiday, and in addition a pneumatic brown bear, who can dance gypsies songs.

Air inflatable animal costume Brown Bear

  • for “Masha and the bear” party,
  • for Gypsy party,
  • is original present(show,surprise) for the wedding and birthday,
  • delivers of gifts, balloons and flowers,
  • meets your guests, dances with guests,
  • promotes your service, product, store etc

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