Animal Costume Panda Girl

Growth inflatable giant doll PANDA met many Great Chinese, VIPs and first persons, were shot by Alan Badoeva, in the “95th Quarter”; in “Shoumanii”, “Rise”, on the 1st, 1 + 1, Inter, Euronews and so on. Participated in the premiere of the movie “Panda Kung Fu” (photo on the site)

Animal Costume Panda is

  • the protagonist of the children’s birthday program in the style of Panda Kung Fu
  • best animator paired with a tiger taylung
  • original wedding and birthday greetings,
  • delivery of gifts, balloons and flowers,
  • meeting guests, dancing with guests between meals,
  • takeaway cake, gift number PANDA SHOW

Large inflatable PANDA in Kiev and throughout Ukraine:
(044) 223-46-19, (050) 339-00-90
Large inflatable PANDA in Moscow and throughout Russia:
+ 7-495-7267768, + 7-916-3761006