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Big Bears show

- These are matured toys or giant dolls of birthday boy/girl and newlyweds. Everyone had a teddy bear as a child. The owners of little bears have matured, their toys have matured too. Now their height is 3-3.5 meters!!! The «Little» surprise from you to your friends. The big pneumatic polar bear, or inflatable panda bear, or giant rabbit bunny with monkey will come to the party astonishing your guests and friends.

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Gulliver’s “Bears Services”:

  • meeting your guests and dancing with them
  • congratulations and delivery of bouquets, balloons, gifts
  • meeting young moms at maternity hospital
  • meeting at the airports and train stations
  • promotions and trade shows
  • promotions in stores, malls, shopping centers etc.
  • children’s holidays, children’s birthday
  • weddings, hen parties, bachelor parties
  • original birthday present
  • corporate events
  • Christmas and New Years party
  • dancers performing and PJing in nightclubs
  • express greeting
  • Pneumo Bears Show is the most popular service among our customers. As you can see, we have not only the pneumosuit polar bear, but also many different pneumorobots. There are a giant brown bear, panda bear. Inflatable giant suits of Monkeys, gorillas, King Kong, Rabbit Bunny, Pink Piggy, Dragon and others.

    We work in many countries of the world. You can order our big inflatable animals for your event. Our pneumorobots can meet guests and dance with them, can play with children on birthday party, wedding, corporate event etc.

    Our pneumorobots can promote your new product, advertise your store or service. We put on them an advertising T-shirt with your logo in front and behind and promote your brand on exhibitions, in shopping centers or on the streets of your city.

    Pneumorobots of Gulliver Studio are three-meter-high pneumatic suits, such as a three-meter big white inflatable bear pneumosuit, a three-meter huge brown inflatable bear costume, a three-meter large inflatable panda, a three-meter large inflatable gorilla monkey (King Kong), a large inflatable rabbit suit, a large inflatable dragon suit and other characters.

    Gulliver Studio arrange children’s parties, weddings, corporate events, New Year parties. We are production company of giant air inflatable suits (pneumocostumes) with “human intelleсt”.