Pneumosuit Dragon

Children like Dragons, especially boys. However, girls like the inflatable three-meter Dragon too. Our pneumatic Dragon is not scary at all, rather even cute. Our pneumosuit Dragon is convenient for photo making through its color range and 3D coloring. The dragon scales appear voluminous in the photo, and the eyes are alive. Everyone loves to put his head in the mouth of the Dragon for a cool photo.
This is the most popular photo with the inflatable character Dragon.
Any Chinese party can not be without the Dragon character. How to meet your Chinese guests? Of course, with the Chinese Dragon. Our pneumosuit Dragon is the best Chinese Dragon outside of China.
In general, options for using of our pneumocostume Dragon are limited only by your fantasy.

Air inflatable costume Dragon or Dinosaur

  • Is a member of Monster High Kids Party
  • Or a “how to train your dragon” party
  • delivers gifts, balloons and flowers
  • meets guests, dances with guests,
  • advertises your company on exhibitions
  • is a giant inflatable suit for Halloween

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