Animal Costume Panda Boy

Growth puppets – the giants of PANDA met many Great Chinese, VIPs and top officials, were shot by Alan Badoev, in the “95th Quarter”; in “Shoumanii”, “Rise”, on the 1st, 1 + 1, Inter, Euronews and so on. Participated in the premiere of the movie “Panda Kung Fu” (photo on the site).

Two big panda dolls look great at meeting guests and on the dance floor at a wedding, birthday party or in a club, they arrange a PANDA SHOW.

A Chinese-style party or a Kung Fu Panda-style birthday party can do without an inflatable panda. The life-size puppet panda and tiger Tilung will arrange an unforgettable birthday for your child. They will be happy to help the animator to carry out the game program of the children’s holiday and will themselves participate in all games together with the birthday boy and his guests.

A panda will learn the movements that a tiger or animator will show, and then fight off the balls that the panda will be thrown by the children, competing in accuracy. And our huge three-meter panda can do a lot of funny things.

Animal Costume Panda is

  • Your original wedding and birthday greetings,
  • three-meter delivery of gifts, balloons and flowers,
  • unexpected meeting of guests, fun dancing with guests between the parties,
  • takeaway cake, gift number PANDA SHOW

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